The NFTS Diploma in Script Development

In 2004 The Script Factory, in partnership with the National Film and Television School, launched the only Diploma course in Script Development in the UK.


Taught as evening lectures, this year long course equips participants with a detailed and sophisticated understanding of the inner workings of successful screenplays, and then translates this theory into practice as students are guided through the process of developing creative and productive relationships with screenwriters. The course is rooted firmly within the context of the British Film Industry and, through a series of high profile guest speakers, all students leave equipped with a thorough understanding of the UK development industry. The ultimate aim of the Diploma is to nurture and support highly skilled development professionals to contribute to raising the standard of screenwriting in the UK and international film industry.

In September 2012, after running the course for 8 years and training 150 students we handed over the reins to the NFTS who now solely manage the Diploma in Script Development and all enquiries for future intakes should be directed to For our part, we are delighted that this course will continue to run and that the UK film industry will continue to be served by dedicated and fully-trained professionals who care passionately about script development.

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