Lucy Scher

Lucy Scher

We are all heartbroken that our wonderful Lucy Scher, co-founder of The Script Factory, died this summer at the age of 53.

Lucy is remembered by filmmakers the world over for her exuberant charm and perfect wit; for her endless generosity and gentle wisdom; as well as her peerless insights into storytelling that became the foundation for The Script Factory’s training programmes and transformed the work and careers of countless writers. Lucy devised so many ingenious schemes to bridge the chasm between new screenwriters and the UK film industry, genuinely believing in the stories those writers were striving to tell and dedicating her time and intellect to giving feedback on draft after draft of hundreds of projects. Lucy really was the screenwriters' champion - and their drinking buddy and dance partner too!

For those of us who were privileged to work with Lucy as part of The Script Factory team she will forever be our hilarious gang leader who created, quite simply, the best place to work ever.   A fearless visionary, no sooner was an idea conceived on the blue Script Factory sofas than Lucy put it into action: from ordering branded beach balls for Script Factory events at Rio de Janiero Film Festival to establishing the first ever post-graduate course in Script Development with the National Film & Television School. Under Lucy’s leadership The Script Factory was a perfect balance of irreverent frivolity and audacious ambition.

Lucy Scher, you taught us all so much. You were the greatest storyteller and the greatest friend. You will be loved and missed always.

The Script Factory, August 2018